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Welcome to, the one stop shop for your tiling project.
From this site you will be able to contact some of Dublin's leading tile fitters/installers.

Our tile fitters can professionally install a variety of tile including;
* Ceramic * Porcelain * Mosaic * Marble * Limestone * Terracotta * Stone * Walk-in Showers * Wet Rooms

We can offer advice and assistance throughout your tiling and renovation works, from the initial design stage to assistance in selecting the different tile varieties. The success and long term durability of your project depends on the expertise of the hands fitting the tiles and with you are in safe hands. We are also fully trained in associated tiling works such as wetroom installation and under tile heating mats. We can take care of those other areas of renovation such as plumbing, carpentry and electrics. We are fully insured for public liability and can provide a portfolio of projects for your consideration. We will advise you at every stage on cost and likely outcomes. Simple choices like the colour and brand of grouting can make a huge difference and are dependant on the needs of each project. We cannot provide a price list here as each project is unique, however we will provide a free quotation specific to your needs in a timely manner. You can be assured of value for money combined with expert service.

Explore this site to discover how we can help make your tiling plans a success. We encourage feedback from our clients and will shortly be providing a blog where you can upload comments from your experience with us.

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